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June 24, 2014

This is the truth: I have been thinking a lot about lunch.

Working a 9-5 job for 6 months feels a little like spy work. My schedule for the past ten years has been a hodgepodge of days, weekends and evenings doing money work (teaching, nannying, serving in restaurants), and super early mornings and late nights spent doing the projects that I love (writing, choreographing, scheming), every day a little different. But my schedule right now is more or less a strict 9-5. There's plenty to love about the routine, structure and predictability (satisfying for my inner control freak), and plenty that still feels strange (all the desk time). Lately I've come to the conclusion that working a day job is a good exercise in many things, but especially in valuing small pockets of time: coffee in the patio before I leave, my quiet morning drive, lunch. Lunch has never before stuck me as an exotic or especially desired meal, but now I think it holds potential as the best meal of the day. It can be the key to properly recharging.

So I was pretty excited when Bon Appetétit wrote a whole article about the workplace lunch, aptly titled Lunch Al Desko. The goal was to present a lunch in a positive light-- moving towards creating a lunch that we're all actually excited to break for. I think that's key.

So, what do they suggest? Well you can check out the online version of the article yourself. It comes down to creating surprising, open-face sandwiches, getting inventive with salad dressings, and dreaming of possibilities for hardboiled eggs and avocados. Equally important as the ingredients is the manner in which lunch gets consumed: ideally away from a desk in an actual bowl (tupperware be gone).

The most exciting ingredients I've had in my lunch are cheese (feta, fresh mozzarella), an amazing sharp mustard a friend bought us in Germany (almost gone-- how will I survive?) that's good on pretty much everything, and avocados. Sriracha is welcome; dark chocolate with ginger becomes downright exciting. And leftovers? They can sometimes be pretty wonderful, especially if they're the kind that you don't even need to reheat (I had a great cold noodle salad).

What's the most exciting lunch you've had lately? What should I be eating, sans tupperware and away from my desk?  


  1. Oh, I love that article! I have been thinking about the same--looking forward to a new life when my routine will be more packed-lunch friendly, inspired by this recipe and post on 101 Cookbooks:

    1. YES! This sounds wonderful. I love it!



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