Drinking the Kool-Aid

June 27, 2014

Last night I shared in a bit of applause. Actually, it was APPLAUSE, a world record-breaking performance on Open Field of a core group of ten clappers and the numerous community members that walked in to join them over their two-hour stretch of clapping. It turns out that clapping feels really good, and clapping for a bunch of strangers as they walk and bike by feels even better. Every time I entered the event I had a permanent grin on my face.

But it wasn't just APPLAUSE that felt like magic last night, it was the mash-up of events the clapping was a part of: the spurt of energy from Capture the Flag, the clever Fluxus signage created by artist-in-residence Maria Mortati, the dozens of people sitting at the picnic tables to draw a Fluxus score or practice their cursive, the robot-like sculpture hanging out in the garden, and the music performances that closed out the night. (I especially loved sitting down next to the woman who knew the words to every Neil Young song Anonymous Choir sang and quietly sang along.) My Open Field cohorts, many whom have shared in all four seasons of the field, could probably much more articulately identify the source of last night's magic. It sounds so simple to insist that that it was just about being together, and having numerous unjuried opportunities to create something in a space big enough for us all. It was the communal feeling I've sought through my own projects, and I was delighted to find it in a big woodchipped green space with a group of (largely) strangers. Hello, Open Field-- I really like you!

So this is in-part an invitation to the summer party of odd and wonderful events (and oddly wonderful, too). Community programs are happening most Thursdays and Saturdays through August 14 (more information on the calendar here). It's also a written reminder to myself to fully enjoy this short time and the feel-goodness of being a small part of making this happen. I feel very lucky. It's such a joy to get to make things together.


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