Lately: May

June 6, 2014

Because I spend a considerable amount of time indoors at a desk right now, Ben and I have been trying to make every second of weekend time count. Grill a steak taco! Plant some herbs! Walk around a lake! Take a night bike ride to Izzy's for ice cream! Sometimes I need a weekend from our weekend, because they are action-packed. This is the stuff we dream of all winter, though, right?

Speaking of desks-- OPEN FIELD!!!!!! In 8 days there will be other humans frolicking on the field, and I will no longer pensively gaze at the wide expanse of grass and wood chips and wonder what will one day occupy it. That one day is coming right up! I am especially looking forward to July 12, when my mentor/friend/subject of much admiration Laurie Van Wieren will be gathering 100 choreographers to perform simultaneously. I wrote about some of my other favorite upcoming acts over here this week.
PS: I am loving this work.

Also in May, HELLO MOLLY WIZENBERG!!!!!! Laura Brown and I traipsed to Wayzata for Molly's book release event at a tiny local store where the forty or so people gathered were the most excitement they'd seen in a while. Molly answered questions and is just as lovely in person as you'd hope. In the intro of the book, Molly writes about her husband's numerous creative endeavors and hobbies-- boat-making, gelato-making, a quest for the perfect espresso--all leading up to a desire to open a pizza restaurant (and her desire for him to just...stop already). I only hope to stay equally open-minded in my marriage about our mutual need to follow creative dreams, even when they make little sense. (Oh, and read Delancey-- it's lovely, and it might prevent you from opening up that restaurant you were considering.)

Speaking of marriage, in May Ben and I celebrated 3 years since that little heartfelt wedding at the Red Eye that made us both sob our eyes out and snort with laughter. I prefer to deliver proclamations of love to my spouse in person rather than on the internet, but I will say that this year Ben has been the one who has made all the awesome stuff possible for me. He's listened to all of my rehearsal ramblings and woes about various rejections, created the sound designs and documented the shows, made the meals and made sure the laundry gets done, supported me through some pretty intense emotional upheavals, and repeatedly cleaned up the constant trail I leave behind me when life gets really busy. I only hope to return the favor so that Ben can make his dreamy dreams happen, too. Also, this is really beautiful writing on marriage and gets an AMEN from me.

At the end of August my field-ing is over and I will return to working for myself full-time. In efforts to make that transition more seamless, I've been working with a handful of coaching clients during evenings and weekends. It's inspiring work for me (solo artists & business owners launching their ideas into the world!) and near to my heart-- I know all too well the challenges of working on your own, trying to get clear on a pile of ideas without getting in your own way. I'm taking July and August off from client work to focus on Open Field, but will return to it in September. If you'd like to know more about how we can work together, you can email me at LMholway[at]gmail[dot]com.

It's June 6th, but if you want we can both pretend that the month is just starting. What would you like to make & do? My thoughts are on 'thrive'. Here's some Rumi for closure. I think of this as I scan through photos of this month especially--

You wonder from room to room
Hunting for the diamond neckless
That is already around your neck


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