The Jealous Curator Interviews Amanda Happé

June 12, 2014

"I think I might get creative blocks all the time, but I haven't thought of them that way. I frequently have nothing interesting to say. Those strike me as great times to keep creatively quiet. I think we're too hard on ourselves if we expect an uninterrupted procession of meaningful creation. Let it be. But lay in wait. Keep your ears perked and your soul soft for that new impulse, and save the guilt for when you really blow it in life."
--Amanda Happé in Creative Block

Yes-- still leisurely making my way through the Jealous Curator's fantastic Creative Block.

Small Dances ended three months ago, and just a couple of weeks ago I started feeling the impulse to get moving again. I'm not thinking about making things for audiences, but more about moving as a practice for myself, without a project or deadline in sight. The break has been much needed. For a long time I thought that breaks were a sign of weakness, and that I should just move along constantly from project to project. What would I tell people when they asked what I was working on? (Life-- I'm working on life. It's a great project, and I highly recommend it.)

In other news: the perk of buying a house in the wintertime is that the yard will be a continual surprise! The peonies are in bloom, and they are turning up everywhere.


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