August Happenings

August 20, 2014

It's late August, which is a great time to remind you all to stop working in favor of cabin trips, bike rides, visits to the State Fair, and eating corn and heirloom tomatoes. There will be plenty of work opportunities in the inevitable dead of winter.

A few things I want to share:
  • Open Field has come to the end of its summer season, over 70 programs later! Gabby Coll, my fantastic media intern, wrote a great summary of the season. Sharing #CatVidFest with 9,000 fellow humans was a delightful way to end our programming. As I've been reminded: "It's not about watching cat videos, it's about watching cat videos together." Amen. I end the season feeling downright inspired-- both by my Open Field cohorts and the inventive artists and community members that proposed programs. 
  • Nancy Rosenbaum is a talented writer and storyteller that I met at a Small Art two winters ago. She interviewed me for Pollen about my journey towards scaling down creatively (as I've described here and here). It's a most generous article, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to tell my story. You can read it here
Related to the interview: my thoughts are with you all going through transitions. My advice is to just keep going: follow anything that makes your heart beat faster; ask someone dangerous to coffee; have mad amounts of faith, even if you're not sure what that faith is in. You know, easy stuff (so hard).

I'm spending the rest of August wrapping up full time field work, pondering the future, and celebrating a new year of life (!!!!!!) with a travel adventure. I'm looking forward to blogging regularly mid-September. Enjoy celebrating the final days of summer!


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