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September 13, 2014

If its your weekend: sit in your pajamas, listen to a podcast, and leisurely click around the wonders of the internet! (Or make some soup or mow the lawn-- more good options.)

  • My friends Betsy and Justin are starting a nonprofit community film library next year, but right now their idea is a blog. An awesome blog, where they write smarty pants, funny, spot-on observations about loving movies. Warning: it will make you want to spend the day in your pajamas watching ALL the movies. Go read it! (I love Betsy's post on how it's ok to love Rom Coms.)
  • I've shared it before but I'll share it again: online resource Artists U has a great downloadable resource for artists trying to create a balanced, sustainable (you know, non-starving) life. You can get it for free here. I like that it's one of the few aimed at performing artists. If you're a visual artist, Lisa Congdon's Art Inc is finally available, which aims at helping visual artists sell their work.
If you have a couple extra dollars, I can think of two (ok, 3) great ways to spend them:
  • My friends Paul and Nicole are spelling to raise money for Family Tree Clinic in St. Paul. Family Tree Clinic is an awesome nonprofit clinic that offers reproductive health care services and education, and they have been of great help to my (underinsured) lady parts in the past. They have an amazing and generous sliding scale system! Your donation goes straight to their programming. You can give here.
  • If you're an artist in Minnesota, you probably love and rely on Minnesota Playlist for great arts coverage and even job opportunities. They're expanding in exciting ways that you can read about here, and they need your money to do it. Give to their IndieGogo campaign-- or at least go watch the funny video that Ben shot of some local artists talking about the upcoming website changes.
And, for Twin Cities locals: Are you going to Giant Steps? It's a conference for "creative entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial creatives", and this year's event is happening October 10 in Minneapolis. I've written about my experience here and here 


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