October 17, 2014

It was been stunningly beautiful in Minneapolis this past two weeks, sunny and mild, and I've been watching the neighbor kids attack their raking with determination. (We could learn something from them.) I have put most practical things on hold in favor of an extra walk or at least napping in a sunbeam, and I'm confident that in a month or two I'll thank myself for soaking in this last big dose of vitamin D. 

I've been taking this transition time to do more things just because I want to, which I highly recommend. I've been perfecting my manual car driving because I donated my poor car, and I'm sick of being the person who stalls in front of you at lights. And I've been sorting through my bedroom and office closets, donating or throwing out loads of things. I have to admit that this makes me ridiculously happy, because man I like getting rid of things. I remembered that I have a library down the street and requested a few of these recommendations. I zoomed through 2 seasons of The Mindy Project, laughed my face off, and then started Call the Midwife at Laura's recommendation. Now I'm thinking that maybe I want to become a nurse in England and leave the car in favor of a bicycle. What do you think? 

I've been waiting for this space to catch my breath for quite a while, and it's pretty great. 

A couple things I recently read & wanted to pass on:

I really like this advice for artists from Austin Kleon.

The Jealous Curator's recommendations for affordable art.

Laurie Van Wieren shares the process (and the photos) behind 4x4=100 Choreographers Dancing Outside.

Ira Booker wrote another piece about Small Art, and so articulately captures why I love these events.

Happy mid-October.


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