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October 24, 2014

Note: What the heck is SCINAS? My little mantra that Self Care is Not About Smoothies. I introduced it here.

The highlight of my week was watching Ben make this pie. It was less about the joy of having pie to eat (though I'd eat pie & whipped cream for breakfast every day if it was available), but more about the joy of making ordinary, everyday comfort. 

When I experience crappy circumstances, or just exhaustion over life's general unpredictability, I'm aware that the things in life that comfort me most are tiny, ordinary things: Ben's mimed orchestrations of the opening credits to television shows; the sight of our cats in a sunbeam; apple pie. (Actually, a long list of foods...)

A few months ago I was at a friend's house and noticed she was keeping a jar of moments of the year that she wanted to remember-- moments to hang onto and be grateful for. For me, that's the stuff of comfort. I need to make a long list of moments and things that I love. I'll add to it that thing I read on the internet; Morrissey singing My Love Life; the last episode of Six Feet Under that slayyys me; Tiny Beautiful Things; that picture from our wedding where I was crying and laughing in the same breath; the memory of the first grilling on our patio. We need the stuff of ordinary joy. Gather it around you like armor, because that's what good comfort is. 


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