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October 10, 2014

As I transitioned out of the Walker during my first part-time weeks, I had two simultaneous thoughts:
  • Holy sh*t, it's an adjustment to be master of my own time again --AND--
  • I've been waiting 7 months to jump into many of these projects, so, let's do this!
Here are some of the things I'm working on building over the next few months:
  • A website: ...for Ben and I! We've had our website for 2 years, and it honestly hasn't been a great fit for us. I have lots of opinions on websites now! I'm rewriting a lot of our content and moving us over to Squarespace
  • Candy Simmons' Blueprint Project: Candy and a great team of collaborators are working on the final version of the piece we workshopped at the end of last year. We start rehearsals next month (taking breaks throughout the year), and the piece goes up in November of 2015. The luxury of time!
  • Resources for makers & doers: I'm repackaging my consulting offerings, and working on designing ebook content for people who need a lower price point option than 1-on-1 work.
  • Wintertime gathering opportunities: Something that feels like a cross between a Small Art and a dinner party. We have this great big kitchen table...
  • A newsletter: Really, truly. 
  • An office: I think I'm ready to put art on the walls!
  • Baby steps towards a dance piece: I'm making the next thing in little chunks, as I get funding. First step: get in the studio (or work 20 minutes at a time again).
What are you building? What are you excited about? Do you want to join in a wintertime party?


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