Why Hello, October

October 2, 2014

September was a month for travel, transitioning out of my job and back into self-employment, seeing dear friends, relishing in warm weather, jumping back into the studio, and laying plans for what's ahead. My last day of official Walker-dom was Tuesday! I leave with a full heart, and huge gratitude for the opportunity.

And now it's a brand new month! My work transition feels well timed with the weather. It's time to make soup and get things done. But first, I'm taking the rest of this week to tie up loose ends, clean and organize my home office, and take some time to relax and reflect. 

I'm an impatient person, and it's easy for me to want to do all of the things at once. Unfortunately, that's not possible (or even fun). So I'm thinking that this month I want to focus on...
  • Moving more and thinking less: taking lots of movement breaks and walks and stretches when I work
  • Working hard to do just one thing at a time: multi-tasking has not been helping my work or my brain
  • Setting realistic goals: really.
  • Breaks in general: i need one at least every 90 minutes
That's all. 

I'm looking forward to sharing more about what's ahead. 

[September adventures...]


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