Closing Out November

November 24, 2014

Hi! What's new with you? It's very cliché to talk about time speeding by, but the snow on the ground is messing with my brain. Part of me feels like it's February and we just moved and I'm about to start working at the Walker. Also, I'm producing a show. All of this causes me to feel strange when I realize 2014 is, in fact, almost over and I'm done with all those things. I then start down the rabbit hole of deep end-of-year questions:

1) Did l make resolutions this year? Did I accomplish them? I honestly can't remember. The end of last year was really bogged down with loan officers, squirrel removal people, dentists and performance planning. Resolutions were far from my mind, though there was that whole "Thrive" thing-- more on that later.

2) Did anything really change this year? Sure. Things always change, and this year was a combination of subtle & big changes. Isn't every year? But I think I should really save these questions for January and focus on getting some sh*t done (though I'd rather bake holiday cookies). 

A couple of things relating to this blog:

+ There won't be a 5 With posted this week: There will be one next week and until I finish the project. What's that mean? I decided I'll take it to 25-- a nice, even number. It's also the number I'd have if I had actually posted one every other week for the year (the original plan). I want to finish this project, and I want to take the time to curate a varied group of people. I believe strongly that creative entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial creatives (those identifying as artists and those not) can learn a lot from one another.

+ I'm challenging myself to write more in December: This blog has long served as an accountability tool for me, and lately I've found myself feeling a little...stuck. My theory is that if I write and post frequently, especially without thinking too hard about what I'm posting, that I'll unstick. Will it work? Let's find out!

And on the non blog-related front:

+ I'm making a dance: I have a choreographic deadline of January 28 to make a short work-in-progress dance. I'm having a hard time beginning -- which is probably what makes the deadline so helpful.

+ I'm on the hunt for a me: Over the past few months I've longed to have an outside eye that can give me some tough love and point me towards the projects that will give me the most momentum. A person who will help me see clearly in areas where I'm stuck. I'm making the search for this kind of a coach a priority. Do you know someone who does this type of work?

+ It's the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas and Thanksgiving were quiet affairs last year, and this year I can't wait to bring out the Bing and put up a tree. We're throwing a holiday party in collaboration with a dear friend. What should we serve? Where do I find my ugly Christmas sweater? I'm very excited. How are you celebrating?


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