December 15, 2014

Hi! There are just 10 days until Christmas if you identify as a Christmas celebrating individual. Some things on my mind:

+ My goal for next year is to budget better for the holidays-- especially so that I can put my pennies towards many of the super options for locally made gifts (or at least gifts that support small businesses). Will someone remind me of this goal in July? Laura Brown is selling her fabulous annual calendar, and today is the last day to buy it if you want it shipped before the holiday! Today-- Monday! Get on it.

+ I'd also like to buy everyone this great print.

+ We're preparing to host a party. I love parties! Thanks to our co-host, we have an abundance of festive tunes to play-- pretty much every single pop star's Christmas album. What's a good beverage to serve? I want one with booze and one without (that's more exciting than sprite and fruit juice). This bourbon grapefruit drink is delicious, but I'd like to try something new.

+ I am pleased to be staying home in my pajamas for Christmas. I plan on watching marathon episodes of Scandal, which I originally wrote off as trashy tv. Be you not so dismissive! You could also catch up on Serial, which you're probably already listening to. I'm already mourning the last episode, set to air this Thursday.

+ Yes, I know this time of year is really busy, but I highly recommend spending a couple hours knocking out a few things you've been procrastinating for maybe, say, months. Maybe do this the week after Christmas. You'll start the new year feeling insanely good. 

+ I recently reread this book and found it to be full of stuck-ness solutions-- the awesome, deceptively simple kind. Maybe ask Santa for it? 

All I want for Christmas is for our cat to stop thinking that the downstairs bathroom is his bathroom. What about you?


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