Do it, Do it

March 9, 2015

Yesterday the thaw hit, and I'm crossing fingers that its the real deal. You can just feel the collective joy of Minnesotans everywhere! Special bonus brought by an early thaw? All the energy. I hope you feel it, too. I chose 'motion' for a word this year in hopes of inviting the energy to do all the things (with breaks for walks and a 20-minute nap), at least for the first half of this year. Let's make big things happen this week-- it feels so good

Also: big things often involve just a small move-- writing an email, setting aside 20 minutes a day, approaching a potential collaborator, breaking down the big project into small steps and then acting. It's the small stuff that pays off in the end. And once you'll start, the momentum will carry you. Write me an email and tell me what you're working on. I'll share what I'm cooking up soon (not just this watermelon).


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