More Small Art: April 23 & 24

April 17, 2015

Ira Brooker gets why I love Small Art, and puts it so well here:

When everything goes like clockwork and you're sitting fifty feet from the stage, a play can start feeling a bit like a movie. But when you're right on top of the performers, squeezed in with a tribe of like-minded imbibers, there's no denying that this is unfolding in the moment, a singular occurrence that no one not currently in the room will ever have the privilege of seeing or understanding. That spirit permeated and elevated every moment of Small Art.

It's been over a year since Ben and I last hosted a living room performance. I'm so excited to get to do this again next week! Small Art is taking place next Thursday and Friday in our South Minneapolis home at 8pm. You can buy tickets here and find out more on our new website (we are getting to be weebly pros over here).

I'm particularly excited about the 3 groups of artists presenting work, because I predict that they'll play off of one another in odd and wonderful ways. First of all: Taylor Baldry is bringing an event he shared at Open Field in 2012, the Conversationalist's Cafe. It's a social experiment that serves face-to-face conversation in a faux-cafe setting. 

Taylor is "an artist, community organizer, and large-nosed person. He is also the co-founder of Grown-up Club, which empowers a community of wayward adults by hosting monthly themed events that are accessible, entertaining, participatory, and promote interaction and community involvement." Find out more at

Brian Beatty and Craig VanDerSchaegen are bringing a brand new collaboration to Small Art. Brian Beatty is a "writer, comedian and bearded genius," and Craig (who you might remember from here) is "a photographer, web developer & maker of beats, obsessed with Belgium." Craig is creating music inspired by and created from a series of photos of streaking lights. Brian will be reading new poetry with his composition. | 

Actors Shanan Custer and Carolyn Pool bring a totally different kind of collaboration- excerpts from their play 2 Sugars, Room for Cream, which won them an Ivey Award in 2013. The duo first created 2 Sugars for the 2008 Minnesota Fringe, and have since expanded it into an evening length piece that has been performed at the Illusion Theater, the New Century Theatre and most recently on the Boss Stage at Park Square Theatre.  

Bios and accolades aside, I'm looking forward to next week because this group of artists makes really interesting, fun work, and they're also super great people- a good combo, I think. I don't know that you'll ever experience what they make in a setting quite like this- over wine, on a couch, enjoying the company of a stranger. I think you'll like it. A lot!

You can purchase Small Art tickets here


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