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May 13, 2015

I've been moving my schedule around to account for the news that our child's ETA has been moved up three weeks by my midwives. Let it be one of the first lessons of parenthood for us: let go of your perfectly made plans. Ben says he learned this when he was sure we were having a girl, and could pretty much only imagine himself with a daughter.'s a BOY!

All to say, I'm wrapping up work and other plans until the beginning of August. If you're interested in a business coaching session in August, email me at LMholway[at]gmail[dot]com and I'll contact you as we get further into summer. 

A couple other bits of shameless self-promotion:
+ Ben and I (and Small Art) are a part of a collective of artists (including actor/theatre maker Candy Simmons and flutist Julie Johnson) that are part of the Twin Cities Producers Circle season. The collective aims to connect local arts enthusiasts with independent performing artists. You can check it out over here

+ I'm super proud of Ben and his 4-episode-long podcast, Thirty Minutes in Front of a Vending Machine. You can check it out here, or on i-tunes.  Caution: there's adult content! (A lot.) Mom, this one is probably not for you.

Unrelated to shameless self-promotion....
It's basically my Christmas--- it's the Red Eye's New Works: 4 Weeks Festival! It starts May 29. I'm hoping I will be able to magically show up with a baby at watch post modern performance. We shall see. If you're in the Twin Cities, the lineup of artists is spectacular.

Meanwhile, I'm alternating my time between walking (with the intention of baby eviction), finishing up a long list of odds and ends and enjoying as many adult meals eaten out as possible. I will report when the small human arrives (...eventually).


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