September 21, 2015

what a difference 4 months makes.

I had a really good day yesterday!

The details aren't super important- or even that remarkable. I've had a string of challenging days coordinating parenthood and work (especially while Ben has been traveling for work), but yesterday a lot of things happened that felt like wins. 

This brings to mind 2 things:

#1- For the love of everything, celebrate your wins. Stop being humble about it, stop spending your energy anticipating that things are going to get worse again. CELEBRATE. Give yourself a high five and drink some wine. Do a happy dance. Tell someone about it that isn't Facebook. We actually could all use being surrounded by more people that are celebrating the good stuff. (Let's also have the common sense to know that this doesn't mean that their lives are peachy easy 100% of the time.)

#2- Change happens. Though at times it's really challenging to remember, it's literally impossible for change not to happen (sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse). If you're feeling stuck, hang tight. Also: it's not 100% on us to force a change to happen. Sometimes all we have to do is show up fully- that's our job. Sometimes the things around us change: babies get older and trade one crazy phase for another, opportunities open up, transitions get more comfortable, the universe throws us a bone. Life happens in cycles, and these are always fluctuating. We can have fresh starts and do-overs and make tweaks to the things that are driving us crazy. THANK GOODNESS. I've been realizing that it's not healthy to feel so responsible for making things work perfectly (says the person who obsessively googles advice for babies who won't nap). Let go. It will happen. There are more good days in store.

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September 3, 2015

A few things I've read/listened to lately that I want to hang onto & think about & share:

+ There are just a few hours left in midwife/postpartum coach Rebecca Egbert's kickstarter for Little Mother's Helper, a deck of cards designed to help women through the postpartum months. It's really cool- exactly what I would have liked to have had available to me during this time.

+ Speaking of motherhood, I loved this article from Amanda Palmer about the mix of motherhood and art-making, and Austin Kleon's list of books on this topic

+ I have been listening to a lot of podcasts- handy when folding diapers and going on walks and when your brain is too overstimulated for television. Sometimes I like podcasts where I'm learning something, but mostly I'm into empathy and things that make me cry while cleaning. It's like free therapy!

+ Brené Brown has a new book, and it's about getting up after you fall. RESILIENCE, baby! It was my birthday gift to myself. So far, so awesome.

+ If you're a local and like supporting arty things, come to our Twin Cities Producers Circle season preview party on September 25! It's free! Wine and snacks! Art-like things made by myself and Candy Simmons and Julie Johnson. You can find out more on our Facebook page as the date approaches.

+ I really love this print, and think it belongs in my house. Support a local artist!

+ Maker/performer Emily Gastineau writes about Art in the Attention Economy for I've been thinking on many of these things for the piece I'm making for February. Emily is a super smart writer. 

+ People ask me all the time for tips on making your own website. I think these common website-making mistakes shared in this piece are really helpful.

Tell me about something hopeful and/or useful and/or inspiring you've found in the world! (I like emails, too: LMholway[at]gmail[dot]com.)

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