Life and Art: Bigger, Smaller, Funnier

October 13, 2015

(Image from Scott Patt's Bigger, Smaller, Funnier)
I love hearing about how artists choose projects for themselves and create parameters around those projects. Artist Scott Patt made a painting a day out of a desire to "sketch, ideate and work more consistently." The result is a huge and awesome body of work-- which you can affordably purchase!

Scott was recently interviewed by Lisa Congdon, and I was particularly taken by a couple things he said about how he chose this huge commitment of a project- a project that forced him to pay attention to "the everyday thoughts, ironies, emotions, and experiences that I often ignored because I was too busy." I love that this project forced Scott to become better acquainted with his everyday life, something that I think a lot about in my approach to making small art. A bit more from Scott on that:

"A little less than half way through the year on piece #144 I had a revelation. Because of the project’s appetite for content, I was forced to source the material closest to me; my own everyday experiences, stories and happenings. I mined years of life-changing personal adventures, photographs, collected ephemera and alliterations that have filled my head, shelves and storage containers for years. Without being conscious of it I had achieved one of the things I had set out to discover. Through the velocity and pressure of the project, my work was being directly informed in real-time by every day life. I was listening better and observing more. The little moments that make life great were the moments that were creating the art."

It's a reminder that I want the line between art-making and life to be a smudged one. It's a reminder that I want to choose projects that will feed me and push me. It's a reminder that our artistic practices (and approaches to life!) can and should evolve and help us to take new risks.

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