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November 12, 2015

I've read (and listened to) a lot of gritty, beautiful, inspiring, smart things lately

+ Let's make our work, even when it isn't convenient. Let's talk about it mid-process, even when the process gets messy- it's How the Sausage Gets Made.

+ Jess Lively interviews Elizabeth Gilbert, and Gilbert makes some interesting points about making money from our art & being tortured by our creative process. Thoughts?

+ This Terry Gross interview (as in Terry herself being interviewed!) made me feel lots of feels. It turns out that everyone and their mother wants to be interviewed by Terry. Me, too.

+ "I love the thing that I most wish had not happened....What punishments of God are not gifts?" Oh Stephen Colbert, you are an awesome human.

+ It's gritty and inspiring in a different way: Food 52's Smokey & Spicy Paloma, my first cocktail creation in over a year!  

And a couple of personal plugs:
+ BLUEPRINT, the show I've been collaborating with the talented Candy Simmons on for the past 3 years, has 3 more performances. Tonight tickets are name-your-price! 

+ Ben and I chat with Levi Weinhagen for his podcast Pratfalls of Parenting.

+ Small Art is part of Minnesota's big day of charitable giving, raising funds for our new project You Give the Party, featuring an all-star group of collaborators. Even $5 or $10 go far, especially since our awesome fiscal sponsor, Springboard for the Arts, has offered to give us $10 for each of our first $25 donors. You can give here! (Also, a big shout out to three of my favorite arts organizations, Red Eye Theater, Open Eye Figure Theatre, and 9x22 Dance/Lab, who are oh-so-deserving of loads of support in whatever way you can give it.)


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